Top Ten Steps At a Start-up

Here are the top ten steps for successful business development at a start-up.

  1. Define market (problem space)
  2. Define solution (product, service, combination of both)
  3. Define competition (direct, secondary), write initial SWAT analysis, define differentiation/advantage for client/customer
  4.  Align messaging
  5. Identify key stakeholders and roles in business development process
  6.  Basic tools and infrastructure
    • CRM (e.g. Zoho – $14/user/month)
    • WebEx or GoToMeeting
    • Prospecting email, text not HTML/images
    • Elevator pitch
    • Stable email and website address
  7. Landing or intro page or call to action with value proposition- Initial keywords defined
  8. Begin “core” prospecting, looking for strategic account(s). – define Friends and Family – people known to founders
  9.  “Join the conversation” by posting to relevant blogs/web sites
  10. Close new account(s), treat as strategic