I met recently with a potential client who offered technology services to law firms.  They had a fancy brand name, “IT Solutions for Law Firms” and a web site with content geared to providing IT services to law firms.

As anyone who has ever spoken to a law firm about technology knows, any issues related to computers at a law firm has about as much priority as choosing a janitorial service.  Important, but not important enough to require any serious consideration from the law firms’ managing partners and certainly not seen as a differentiating asset in the legal universe.

However, one of the most important challenges any law firm faces with respect to technology is when two or more law firms decide to collaborate on a major litigation complex  case.  A war room is typically set up and boxes of legal documents are brought in from several sources and telephone land fax lines need to be set up.  What’s challenging is that each of these capabilities must be highly secure and protect the confidentiality of each document, phone conversation, fax transmission, etc.

Implementing the technology to adequately support this “complex litigation” activity usually under deadline pressure and facing severe consequences for any screw-up, is typically well beyond the capabilities of the in-house “janitorial” IT staff.

Perfect opportunity for an outside consulting firm.

By changing the marketing of this service to “complex litigation support” from “IT services for law firms”, the relevance and importance to critical functions of a law firm are accentuated, understood, and appreciate by the senior law firm management.

As a result, high fees can be charged and high stature earned by the IT services consultant.

All from a simple name change!