One of the basic differences between people and every other living species is the ability to innovate. Other species basically accept the environment as is and make the best of it.  Survival of the fittest rules

Innovation is what inspires us, elevates us, and allows us to prosper.  The ability to innovate and change the world is what most people in the world think of a core principal of America.  Other cultures in the world have led innovation progress in the past but somehow we think of innovation as distinctly “American”.

But innovation is disruptive, irreverent, uncomfortable, and hard to predict.  Maybe the world thinks of these core values as “American”.  The invention of the light bulb, a cure for polio, the car, automobile, transistor, microprocessor,  iPod, etc all exist because of an individual or group of individuals refused to keep quiet, accept the norm, follow the rules, behave…

Innovation is not a product of laziness or “goofing off”. True, innovations such as the “Post-it(™) were created by accident, but that “accident” was a result of many long days, months, years of hard work.

One of the most moving salutes to innovation was in Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech at Stanford University in 2005 Steve Jobs Speech.  The words “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” still ring in our ears and rightfully so. This advice to new college graduates from one of the greatest innovators in history ring true today and will for many years to come.  Forget conventions, don’t follow the crowd, never accept blindly, always question.  These are the traits that will lead to greatness!